Brit nurse has holiday insurance rejected after falling from 65ft cliff in Thailand

Kerry Hughes was looking forward to her four-week trip to Thailand but it was cut short after she fell off a cliff and was left with a huge medical bill.

Kerry Hughes fell off a cliff in Thailand
Kerry Hughes fell off a cliff in Thailand

A British nurse was left putting thousands of pounds on credit cards after a nightmare holiday in Thailand saw her fall off a 65ft cliff.

Kerry Hughes, 35, was enjoying her time on Ko Lanta island when she rented a scooter and plunged off a cliff in a horrifying accident. She was rushed to hospital and later transferred to the mainland for further treatment. However, her insurance claim was rejected.

Speaking to Glasgow Live, Kerry said: “I’ve been told I was taken to a local clinic initially on the island I was staying on then transferred to the mainland hospital for treatment and investigations.” She added: “I had to put the costs of transfer onto my credit card before they would transfer me.

“I was with a friend who I met on a scuba diving course, she helped me put the charges on my credit card. I was admitted to ICU for days then had an email from my insurance saying they rejected my claim due to the scooter I hired being classed as a motorbike. The scooter I hired looked like a scooter and was called a scooter when I hired it but the insurance company classed it as a motorbike due to the engine size. I didn’t even know the engine size when I hired it.”

Although she wanted to be discharged due to the high treatment costs, medical staff insisted she stayed. One kind hearted doctor even offered her a room at her home for recovery. She told us: “I had amazing care and treatment in Thailand and the doctor who treatment me was very kind and understanding.

“I was very upset when I found out that the insurance wouldn’t be covering my hospital bills and spoke to the doctor about discharge from hospital. I had large lacerations to my face needing sutures, horrendous back pain, a head injury with bleeding to the back of my head, broken nose that needed surgery and a wound in my left knee.

Friends and family started a Just Giving to help get Kerry home



“I was unable to walk unaided but needed to get out of hospital as I had maxed out both my credit cards paying for treatment. My doctor did not want to discharge me but was sympathetic that I had to put all the charges on my credit card. She insisted that I go home with her for a couple of days and after trying to refuse I realised I could not manage in a hotel room by myself.

“I honestly have no idea what I would have done without her help, I will be forever grateful. She said to me that I have helped so many people in my life as a nurse that I needed to accept help when it’s given.”

Despite the incident on January 22, Kerry had a great holiday in Thailand. She added: “The holiday before the accident was amazing. Thailand is so beautiful and such a friendly place I was having an amazing time island hopping before the accident. I met so many incredible people and done a scuba diving course on Phi Phi island that I loved.”

Kerry’s insurance claim was denied



When her friends and family heard about the terrible accident and realised Kerry wouldn’t be able to get home, they immediately came together for support. Kerry’s workmate and friend, Tammy Hudson, has organised a Just Giving page to raise money for Kerry’s return flight and medical bills. More than £10,000 has been raised so far.

The kindness shown by both loved ones and strangers brought Kerry, an NHS worker for nine years, to tears. The 35 year old shared: “My friend Tammy insisted that a fundraiser would help get me home and could cover at least some of the cost of my treatment. She messaged me a few hours later after it had went live and told me to follow the link. I was so overwhelmed with the support and messages from my work colleagues, current and previous, that I burst into tears. I couldn’t believe so many people were willing to help me, it still makes me emotional.”

On January 30th, she arrived back home in Glasgow – a holiday never to be forgotten. Kerry explained: “After the just giving had took off we started looking at flights home. We decided I would be able to get home quicker if we booked a business class flight, I could then lay down and sleep for the flights.” Returning home, she confessed: “I landed home on Tuesday and I don’t have words to describe how grateful I am to be home.”


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