‘Babies Did Such a Good Job’

The model and her husband, John Legend, traveled for spring break to visit her mom, Pepper, who moved back to Thailand after living in the U.S. for many years

<p>Chrissy Teigen/Instagram</p> Chrissy Teigen shares photos from her family<p>Chrissy Teigen/Instagram</p> Chrissy Teigen shares photos from her family

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Chrissy Teigen shares photos from her family’s trip to Thailand

Chrissy Teigen and her family have made it to Thailand!

On Sunday, the model and author, 38, shared a post on Instagram that featured photos of her crew’s latest travel adventure. This time, she and husband John Legend and their four kids traveled to Thailand to visit Teigen’s mom.

“Family of 6 made it to thailand to visit yai!” she began the post’s caption, referencing her mother, Vilailuck “Pepper” Teigen, who moved back to her childhood hometown of Korat in January.

In the photos, Teigen and Legend’s 9-month-old son, Wren, could be seen napping in his mom’s arms, smiling for the camera and playing in a colorful playroom. The pair’s daughter Esti, 13 months, could be also be seen playing in the room and taking a whirl on some spinning teacups.

In another set of photos, 5-year-old Miles and Legend, 45, smiled for a selfie from their airplane seats, while Teigen and eldest daughter Luna, 7, did the same thing.

The cookbook author also shared a little update on each of her kids and one of her furry friends — the family’s dog Pearl.

“Pearl the basset hound painting coming along swimmingly, babies did such a good job, miles is basically delirious and luna toons is thriving,” she wrote, before throwing in a reference to the new Beyoncé album. “Anyhow more importantly: what’s your favorite cowboy carter song today? Mine is the one with Miley of course. and blackbird 🖤🖤🖤.”

Back in January, Teigen and her Chrissy & Dave Dine Out co-host David Chang stopped by SiriusXM’s TODAY radio show The Happy Hour to chat with co-hosts Talia Parkinson-Jones, Donna Farizan and Gavin Shulman about her mother’s move back to Thailand after living in the U.S. for many years.

“We haven’t really told the world or the internet, and everyone’s gonna be probably so confused,” Teigen said during the interview. “She is meant to go live her best life.”

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After Teigen shared how much her mother “loves taking care of her grandchildren,” she explained that Pepper is “young enough that she needs to go off and be happy.”

She added how “special” and “amazing” it was to see her mother “at home” with her children.

The Cravings author said her family plans to visit Pepper “every spring break,” and that she’s explained to her children that their time with their grandmother in the future will “be really special.”

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“But yeah, we miss her. So much. She’s only been gone for a couple of weeks, but you feel the void,” Teigen added of her mom.

She said that it was Pepper’s decision to go back to her hometown and noted her strong bond with her group of friends in Korat. “She just changes; she lights up when she sees them, and I wasn’t seeing her light up as much without them,” she explained.

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She also said she encouraged her mom “to go find love and find whatever it is she wants.” While Pepper has told her daughter she only cares about “her grandbabies and her friends,” Teigen said she wants her mother to pursue other things.

“Also, I truly haven’t really been on my own,” she confessed. “It’s weird waking up and going, ‘Oh my God, I got four kids, and Mom’s not here.’ And, of course, we have help, but there’s nobody like your mother.”

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