Thailand Rants Visa-Free Entry To Indians Until May –

For Indian tourists planning to travel to Thailand, 2024 will be an exciting year with new opportunities and attractions on the horizon.

Fans of the “White Lotus” series have reason to celebrate, as filming for the anticipated third season is currently taking place in Thailand. This offers Indian tourists a unique opportunity to not only enjoy the beauty of Thailand but also see their favorite artists at work.

In addition to its appeal, Thailand has imposed an immigration ban on Indian citizens effective from 10 November 2023 to 10 May 2024. This means hassle-free travel to the Southeast Asian country with a maximum stay of 30. It’s the perfect time for Indian passport holders to explore the wonder of Thailand.

The visa-free policy has been successful in attracting more Indian tourists, with travel inquiries increasing by 321% since it was announced. India is Thailand’s fourth largest market after Malaysia, China and Singapore.

The Thai government plans to host 3.5 million foreign tourists by 2024, with a special focus on increasing tourism by Indian tourists. Last year, 1.62 million Indian tourists came to Thailand.

Aloke Bajpai, CEO and Co-Founder of Ixigo Group, comments on Indian tourists’ willingness to visit visa-free destinations like Thailand. Countries like Iran, Malaysia, Kenya and Thailand have seen an 80-100% increase in travel requests due to visa-free policy.


Here are some tips for travelers planning a 10-day itinerary in Thailand

1-3. Days: Bangkok
– Explore historical sites such as the Grand Palace and Wat Phra. Kaew
Stroll through Bangkok’s food courts
– Enjoy shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market and Pratunam Market

4-6. Days: Phuket – On the beautiful beaches of Patong, Kata or Karon
– Visit the iconic Big Buddha and experience Phuket at night on Bangla Road

7-9. Days: Koh Samui
– Explore beaches and coconut groves
– Visit attractions such as the Grand Temple and Na Muang Waterfall
– Immerse yourself in Thai culture and hospitality

10. Day: Return to Bangkok or visit Grand A historic city day trip

Time to visit: Cool dry season (November to February): ideal for exploring the city and beaches Hot season (March to June): Good for beach resorts, temperatures can even be high  Monsoon (July to July) October): More humidity and rainfall, especially on the west coast.

For flights from India to Bangkok There are many airlines available for flights, including Thai Airways, Thai AirAsia, IndiGo and Air India. Flight prices vary depending on the time of year, The lowest prices are usually the cheapest.

Currency tips for Indian tourists:
– Exchange money in Thailand at the airport, banks or exchange offices
– 1 baht is approximately 2.31 Indian Rupees
– Bring cash to small businesses and businesses
– Major credit cards are widely accepted, but e-wallets may not be the same

Next This Happened in Thailand:
– S2O Music Festival in April
– Trance Legends Bryan Kearney and John O’Callaghan’s Concert in March

The “White Lotus” Effect: – The film is based on the previous season and is expected to increase tourism in Thailand
– Filming locations include Bangkok, Phuket Koh Samui and luxury resorts in Koh Samui
– Most tourists go to watch the cinema in the movie “White Lotus Effect”

All, 2024 offers a good opportunity for Indian Tourists Exploring Thailand. as well as visa-free entry and great entertainment such as the “White Lotus” cinema. From culture to beach relaxation, Thailand has many experiences waiting for you to create unforgettable memories for every visitor.


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