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Things You Absolutely Need To Know Before Visiting Thailand During The Rainy Season

The rainy or monsoon season in Thailand can either be a blessing or a curse for those wanting to visit the country. Flights and accommodation might be cheaper this time around but, well, it’s raining, which might make some think that they won’t be able to explore the country. If you’re trying to decide whether or not it’s worth it to visit the Land of Smiles during this season and you want to know the pros and cons, here are some FAQs about the rainy season in Thailand that might help you.

When, what, and how: FAQs on the Thailand rainy season

When is the rainy season in Thailand?

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The rainy season in Thailand usually begins in July and ends in October though there are times it can begin or end sooner or later. 

Is it worth it to travel to Thailand in the rainy season?

Definitely but you may want to stick to certain parts of the country. The city of Bangkok will be inundated with floods and traffic will be worse than it already is, so a visit to the city may be more infuriating than enjoyable. You can opt instead to go to the north like Chiang Mai and visit the rice fields, and visit other natural attractions in other places like the Hub Kao Wang Reservoir in Suphan Buri and Dok Kra Jiao field in Chaiyaphum. 

When is the least rainy month in Thailand?

That would be April, which is also the hottest. Depending on your preference, it might be the best or the worst time to visit. 

When is the best month during the rainy season to visit Thailand?

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If you want to hit that sweet spot, November is your best bet. The rains have let up a little bit so you don’t have to worry about it a lot anymore. On top of that, the weather starts to get cooler, which is a great relief especially if you come from another tropical or hot country. 

How do I prepare if I’m going to go to Thailand during the rainy season?

Bring clothes made of light and breathable fabrics that can dry quickly. Don’t wear any shoes that you consider precious and make sure they can hold up against puddles and rain. If you don’t have a small umbrella that’s portable and can fit in your bag, you can buy it here. And speaking of bags, that’s another thing you have to make sure can hold up against being wet.

Finally, mosquito repellents are your friend. Convenience stores like 7-11 sell plenty so make sure you’re spraying yourself before heading out. You don’t want to be catching dengue during your vacation. 

What can I do in Bangkok during the rainy season if I visit?

Thailand rainy season guide
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If you still decide to come to the city during the rainy season, there are still plenty of things to do. If you’ve got cash to spend, the easy answer, of course, is shopping. Siam Paragon, Icon Siam, and EmQuartier are some of the places you can go to for high-end items, but Pratunam is where it’s at for the bargains. 

You can also go for a relaxing spa and Thai massage. There are plenty of options for you to choose from ranging from something more affordable like in Health Land or a little more upscale like in Banyan Tree.

How long does rain typically last in Thailand?

During the rainy season, it normally rains around 30 minutes, sometimes even shorter. But there are times when storms sweep in that last for hours and cause flooding.

How bad is flooding in Thailand?

Thailand rainy season guide
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It depends on the area. Last year, the southern region had to close schools and railways due to a horrible flood. In Bangkok, floods aren’t that dangerous but can get high enough to stall cars. Fortunately for commuters, the BTS is there to save them but that doesn’t spare them from having to wade into floodwaters in the streets. 

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